Our Referral Process

About our program
Our program offers peer-based recovery support, daily meals, 24/7 staffing, and treatment coordination to ensure all residents have support and advocacy as they pursue treatment or are transitioning into a recovery lifestyle. Clients are funded through the Housing Support program and/or private pay. 

How to make a referral
To make a referral, please call Doc's Recovery House at (507) 216-3353. After learning more about the circumstances of your referral, we will gather information to schedule a 20-minute phone interview with the client.

  • If the client has had an assessment or is being discharged from a residential treatment program, we will need a copy of the assessment and releases of information with the referent and all treatment providers. 

  • If the client has not had an assessment, we will schedule an assessment in-house or with another community resource and will make an appropriate treatment recommendation, coordinate the client's care, whether that be transportation directly to treatment or admissions at Doc's Recovery House. 

Note: All admissions processes will be expedited for clients in urgent need of pre-treatment housing. 

Program requirements
Due to a limited number of beds, it's important that all referred clients understand the mission of our program. To preserve the safety for all residents, referred clients must agree to our program expectations prior to scheduling an intake appointment. 

Have questions? Our team is here to help. Contact us today at (507) 216-3353 or email info@docsrecoveryhouse.org.